Friday, November 19, 2010

From whence we came

I cannot get enough of this royal engagement! Is there a book to buy? A Dateline episode to watch? I want it all!! One of my favorite articles (other than those discussing The Ring) is this one, detailing Kate Middleton's ancestry. I especially like the contrast between her great great grandfather, a coal miner and William's (K George V). Who could imagine that fortunes change so rapidly. It reminds me of Sarum, a book I enjoy specifically because you get to see all the connections your ancestors have to you. It was not so very long ago that George and Alda (short for Alexandrina - they didn't want to call her Alex because it sounded like a boy) left England and Scotland respectively - granted I have not (yet) risen to royalty. But I think they would be pleased as punch nonetheless :)

I love you Granny and Papa George - and I wish more than ever you were here for just 5 minutes to laugh about the royals with me.

April 9, 1944
Shortly before their 16th wedding anniversary and a bit less than 3 years before my mom was born.

Your Alison

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