Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I think I just figured out the crux of relationship issues!

I liked 'The Notebook'. Here's why I shouldn't:

"The Notebook" may be considered one of the most romantic movies ever made, but its star, Ryan Gosling, claims the film actually caused one couple to call it quits.

"One guy told me that he was engaged and [his fiancée] broke up with him after that movie, because she said to him, 'You wouldn't build a house for me, would you?'" the 30-year-old actor says in an interview with IFC, referring to a scene in "The Notebook."

"He was like, 'Well, no, but I don't know how,'" Gosling continued. "She said, 'But if you knew how?' He said, 'No, I wouldn't. But it doesn't mean I don't love you.' She said, 'Yeah, it does.' And she called it off."

Gosling, currently starring opposite Michelle Williams as one half of a couple in the midst of a breakup in "Blue Valentine," says he drew inspiration for his latest role from his fighting friends.

"Before I did the film, I went and talked to my friends who were married with kids, and I said to them, tell me your biggest problem with him and then you tell me your biggest problem with her," he says. "She was like, 'Well, he f-ing never washes the sponge. And every time I go to grab the sponge, it's cold and full of food, and I'm just going to kill him. And then he always parks as far away as he can and he never gets the spot that I want him...' and she had a whole list.

"And then I said to him, 'What's your problem with her?' And he was like, 'Pretty much that she's got those problems with me.'"

Lesson learned!