Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear Damon and Carlton,

You are making my head hurt.
I now watch the episodes and need to read blogs and wiki's afterward in order to make sense of them (Oh, Jeff Jensen how you save me).
I have so many questions.
Did Claire time travel with the rest of them or did she just stay 'static'?
Is Smokey the Man in Black as well as being the Man in Locke? Or are we all just assuming that because we haven't seen MIB in awhile?
Is the real Locke dead and gone? Because that would be wicked sad.
So Juliet saw the future, right? Or the past? Because 'it worked'...
Is Sideways Jack's ex-wife not at the kid's audition because she is of with a certain scruffy someone going dutch?
Jacob: Good or Evil? Is that even a valid question?
You both said that after the premiere ep this season that we'd have enough info to make a reasonable guess as to what will unfold. Seriously?!

Beyond all this tho, I LOVE THIS SHOW. I even love you more than the Olympics and anyone who knows my deep love of figure skating knows how much I love those! (Incidentally, people are coming out of the woodwork to say how they're thinking of me because ice dance is on - YES!) Yesterday I used Jack's journey as a parable to help explain something to someone. (I am not sure parable is the right word even tho I just looked it up. I do know however, that ironic is NOT the correct word to use at this time. Baby steps...) I am so intensely glad I have invested in it and do not worry a bit that I will be disappointed by it's conclusion. I feel bad for the people who gave up in Season 3 (although I was almost one of them!) But as Dorothy had to go through Oz to figure out she could have been clicking her heels from the beginning, so must we have gone through Season 3! (Hmm, Jacob=Glinda? Nah.... Although I am the only one I know who was spluttering out "Henry Gale! Dorothy's Uncle!!!" when Ben stuck his balloon in that tree!)

Alright, til next week...