Saturday, November 06, 2010

A lesson in love from Harold and Dorie

Harold and Dorie are Britain's longest married couple. I'm not even done with the article and I've learned some lessons:

‘We didn’t think about it, really,’ says Dorie. ‘Folks don’t put up with things these days. The least little problem and they’re up and off, aren’t they? I never wanted to leave, I must say, but I think ­people give up too easily these days.’

I bite my lip, recalling a recent threat to exit my marriage after a ferocious altercation over a pot of yogurt. I ask Dorie if people these days simply expect too much.

‘I think so,’ she says. ‘We never really had much, but we were happy enough.’

Being not entirely unfamiliar with ferocious yogurt altercations in the past, I shall be attempting to mend my ways henceforth.

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