Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Internet, I would say yes

Who wants traditional when you can have hysterical??

In other news Internet, I am baffled. (I am also baffled about where to put the commas in that sentence but that is for another post) A little over a year ago after some strenuous physical activity i developed some knee issues. Every time I walked up stairs my knees both hurt and clicked, a disturbing crunchy-clicking sound. Not delightful. And the pain was like a giant rubber band was being over stretched down the front of my knees. Also not delightful. Eventually after a couple months, Righty stopped hurting and just crunch-clicked a little but Lefty has gone on strong with the whole pain/ crunch-click show. It has been slowly getting worse and worse and last week I was at the point where I figured I needed to see a Dr because I was now having serious trouble getting up stairs. And then it happened. Right in the middle of the Cole Haan store. I was on my way upstairs to look at some gold purses (extraneous details make the story) and while favoring my left knee, my right flip-flop caught on the stairs and I tumbled into them. And The Great Toe Incident of 2010 occurred. Suddenly my knee issue was secondary to the big toe on my right foot which was now cracked and starting to gush IN A LUXURY GOODS STORE. Thank God I had a metallic pink pedicure to help hide the carnage. After a few hours I realized the toe damage could have been worse and would eventually repair itself but in the meantime, the ODDEST thing happened. Suddenly, my left knee stopped hurting. Now there is a very slight pain at stairs and minimal clicking that is getting better every day. What gives??

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