Monday, May 10, 2010

This was going to be a one line post

About how of all people, Baby Mama turns out to have awesome style (I love posts that make sense to almost no one but me) but tomorrow is Tuesday (aka Lost Chicken Wednesday) and I have to address it as it is being called the 'penultimate episode'. Except I looked up the word penultimate and lo and behold, I am not the only one who didn't know the meaning! Penultimate means next to last. Not, NEXT to next to last.

So for Season 6 (don't think I really read him before that?) I have been a big fan of Doc Jensen's columns. I don't always particularly agree with him but I really LOVE discussing Lost. It's like the best history/ comparative literature class I can imagine (if only I had been as fond of them in college...) and I can't imagine anyone who watches not wanting to talk about what things mean and what might happen. (Of course, being OCD helps with this but I digress). For example, the Sideways World. Many Lost watchers seem to think something is wrong with it, that it is 'off' or 'bad'. I think that it's great! Everyone's still alive! Everyone still has their opportunity for happiness and redemption and all that good stuff. Incidentally. I also think it's what made Sun and Jin's death not so moving to me. I have always liked them (and Sayid!) but as they're still alive in Sideways I am not nearly as moved as say, when Charlie died. OH SEASON THREE. You were such a pain in the ass to watch and then you had THAT ending. That's another thing about Lost. It really teaches (reminds) the watcher that you need the yin and the yang for things to be worth it. You have to have a few slow episodes to give kick to the fast, amazing ones. Like how in life the ups are made sweeter by the presence of the downs. That the commitment is worth it. OK, this is getting too deep. All I can say for this week is that I hope Man In Black's name is not Esau or anything similar. Oh and after seeing a preview for this week (this is not really a spoiler), I am left to wonder whether MIB's problem might be that he was 'raised by another' too... What will I ponder once Lost is over? Maybe it will finally be time to go and figure out when to use "it's" and when to use "its". Of course, I have made it this long...

This Tuesdays 'Lost Chicken's Wednesday' menu: The Labor Meal or What my mom ate the night before she went into Labor with me. Chicken Tetrazzini and Pina Coladas. 'Nuff said.

Hey Lost, guess what? You taught me how to cook, too! Thanks!
(Of course, you didn't teach me if "Tuesdays" should have an apostrophe but I guess that's asking too much)

Update: It was just pointed out that given this week's subject matter, The Labor Meal is most appropriate! Ha!

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