Thursday, April 22, 2010

At last, if not a theory, at least an idea...

Thus far, in 6 seasons of Lost watching, I have had all of two 'epiphanies'. One was when I first heard Ben's 'Henry Gale' alias and realized it invoked the Wizard of Oz. Unless something unexpected happens in the next 4 (SOB!) episodes I think that was nothing more than a clever nod to the Wiz. My second epiphany is that I think Juliet is Jack's sons mother. I'm not really happy about this but so long as she winds up with Sawyer (and Desmond with Penny, AND DESMOND WITH PENNY!!!) I can live with it. I have not got a clue as to how the Sideways World and the Island World will resolve. Not a clue as to who might replace Jacob, if indeed he will wind up replaced. No clue as to why Clair's Wig doesn't have a credit of its own. But now! Now I have a fragment of an idea! Time wise we've jumped all over the place (and as one upcoming ep promises, we're gonna be jumping further than usual soon) We've flashed forward, we've flashed back, we've flashed sideways (whatever the hell that is). But when Lost premiered on September 22, 2004 we were for that one day in present time with the Losties. Plane crash happened: September 22, 2004. Right now, the Island is in 2007. I propose that on May 23rd they will have come full circle to 2010. May 23rd. What does this mean? I have no clue. But I think it'll have the same effect as the end of the best Lost episode thus far ("Through the Looking Glass") when Jack turns from that gate and says "We have to go back." I shall once again jump up from my couch and scream OH MY GOD.

Additional thoughts:

Did anyone else think that it was more than just creepy when Jack told Flocke that he had no idea who he was and Flocke is all "yeah, ya do"? It made me wonder if Jack's known him all along as something else and just doesn't know it yet.

Will we ever learn why women couldn't have kids on the island? Because that is just gonna annoy the crap out of me if we don't.

Desmond is so not dead in the well. But did they have to put that "you can check if you want to" bit in? Meh.

Who the heck is the Ghost Boy Flocke saw? Young Jacob? People, we have 4 episodes left - start the answers!

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